Money Matters Monday: Dealing with the economic impacts of 2023

Money Matters Monday: Economic impacts in 2023

Barry Bigelow from Great Waters Financial explains what you need to do to manage your finances going into the new year.

Barry Bigelow form Great Waters Financials shares tips about going into the new year feeling good about your finances.

Bigelow says that with talks of a recession, student loan repayments starting and inflation its important to keep an eye on your budget. All of these things have been on a lot of people’s minds this year.

“The third quarter growth was above expected at 5.2%. We’re starting to see job creation continue to pick up. And so we have lowering inflation happening at the moment. Prices are stabilizing,” said Bigelow.

As we head into the new year, “Making sure that your budget isn’t getting blown up by what I would call pocketed inflation. Something that you particularly need or buying maybe the prices are volatile and it’s going up. So making sure you’re paying attention to that within your budget.” 

Bigelow mentioned that the holiday’s can be a particularly tough time with financials so its important to keep in mind what you are purchasing and how if can affect you long term.