Money Matters How to Save for Valentines

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Valentine’s Day is nearly here! And while talking about budgets and debt may not be your cup of tea, being on the same financial page as your partner can help prevent conflict. Barry Bigelow from Great Waters Financial has some important questions you should be asking.

It’s important to have clear, honest conversations with your partner about your finances. The second leading cause of divorce is money disagreements so you want to make sure you are having good, honest conversations with your spouse.

A few good questions to ask your partner would be to discuss how money was talked about in the family, how do they view debt, and what kind of lifestyle do they want in the future.

Some tips for getting started would be to clear some time on your calendar. This is not a conversation that you want to have at the dinner table in front of the kids or as you are preoccupied with other matters. You want to be able to focus on the conversation and give room for the other person to express their emotions.