Indecent Proposal discusses new music video filmed at Denfeld High School

Indecent Proposal discusses new music video

Local band to the Northland Indecent Proposal discusses their new music video called "Behind Her Eyes" which was filmed at Denfeld High School and why it was important to them to film there.

A local band to the Northland, Indecent Proposal, just launched a music video for their new single “Behind Your Eyes.” The video was filmed in the auditorium at Denfeld High School in Duluth.

Their band manager, Terry Beckman, and frontrunner Josh Brown joined Good Morning Northland to discuss why they filmed their music video at the Denfeld auditorium.

Both Beckman and Brown say they have a strong connection to the auditorium, as they both graduated from the school. They also wanted to shine a light at the historical connection the building has, noting how musical greats like Nat King Cole and Johnny Cash once preformed there.

Another reason why they say they chose Denfeld was to raise awareness to some updates the facility needs, like curtains and some electrical equipment. Through the music video, they wanted to showcase what the auditorium looked like in its prime to potentially inspire those future upgrades.

While they say nothing is official yet, the band is working together with the school to try to raise money for the auditorium.

If you want to watch the music video or learn more about Indecent Proposal, their website can be found here.