GMN Musical Guest: Sonofmel

Sonofmel performs his music on Casual Friday

Sonofmel performs on Good Morning Northland for Casual Friday

Americana balladeer John “Sonofmel” Adler joined GMN to perform his song “Grand Marais”, and also had a nice chat with Dann, both videos are below. John spoke about songwriting and his April 30th gig at Carmody Irish Pub at 745pm as part of the Homegrown Music Festival in Duluth.

Sonofmel sits down for an interview for Casual Friday

Sonofmel discusses his inspiration behind his song "Grand Marais"

John plays songs from the world-weary road. That once meant wandering the globe to Adler, but in recent years the road has become a busy northwest Wisconsin performance circuit. From the Fat Radish in Cornucopia to the Thirsty Pagan in Superior and the Out of the Woods Winery in Hayward, Adler brings his rustic, storied songs to destinations with names as colorful as the nice guy playing outlaw music inside.