Distinguished photographer to speak at REA3D by Candlelight Dinner

Read by Candlelight dinner speaker shares extraordinary work

Daniel Cox has spent over 40 years traveling the world and preserving nature through photography. His work has graced the cover of National Geographic and has garnered international acclaim.

Wildlife photographer, Daniel Cox, joined us on Good Morning Northland to highlight an upcoming event happening in Duluth. The Twig native grew up in Proctor and is an alumni of Proctor High School.

Dan will be speaking at the Proctor Area Educational Foundation’s REA3D by Candlelight Dinner and Auction. It’s Friday, February 16 at the Greysolon Plaza Ballroom in Duluth. Ticket sales are now closed for the event.

He is also part of Polar Bears International – which has put a focus on climate change. Dan explains, “Polar bears are really a hook for the organization… to get everyone to sit down and to have a conversation on what’s really happening.”

The event is an emotional one for Cox, he says “I think everybody has that need in life to kind of go back in time and visit some of the people that helped make you who you are. It’s a really special part of your life and I’m really looking forward to being there tomorrow night.”

Dan also appeared on the Lift to talk about past work he has done, for more information visit The Lift page of our website.