Cash-Back App: Ibotta

We headed to Super One Foods to test the Ibotta cash-back app. Everything is more expensive these days, and groceries are so important, and one way to save big on groceries and other essentials over time is by earning cash back through an app like Ibotta.

With Ibotta you can earn cash back on groceries and other purchases by uploading your receipts. You can think of it like a digital way of clipping coupons. You download the Ibotta mobile app on your phone, and create your account. You’ll see they have partnerships with hundreds of retailers, so you’ll see few stores in the area that are Ibotta partners. 

Most cash back offers vary from $0.25 to $2.00 per item, so the savings can really add up over time. You buy your groceries and then upload the receipt to the app to prove your purchase and the cash back shows up in your account. Once you’ve earned a total of $20 in cash back rewards, you can withdraw your earnings via PayPal or Stripe and then have that sent directly to your bank account. 

We did notice on the Better Business Bureau website that there are complaints from people having issues not getting their cash transferred, and it seems that the Ibotta team responds to each complaint and sends them to an email to continue the conversation, but we aren’t sure if the problems were resolved from there.

As with anything like this, use at your own discretion, it is nice to know that they do respond to complaints and try to make things right. We looked through other retailers and found offers available at pharmacies and restaurants too!

We think the app is worth giving it a try, it seems like the Ibotta app is a nice way to get some cash back on your purchases.