Gone Fishin’ & Huntin’ December 28th

Gone Fishin’ & Huntin’ December 28th

Gone Fishin' & Huntin' December 28th

With fishing and hunting seasons underway in Minnesota and Wisconsin, WDIO’s weekly segment Gone Fishin’ & Huntin’ has returned. It airs during WDIO Sports at Ten on Thursday nights.

Recent photos for December 28th are from Kim Nelson, Lily Hughes, Richard O’Shea, Steve Trenhaile, Nolan Okstad, and Dolan Verbick.

If you would like to submit a photo of your latest adventure, email us a picture with a short description that includes who is in it, how you would like the name pronounced, where the people in the picture are from and where the event took place. Please note, we do receive a lot of photos.

Email photos to sports@wdio.com.