Wisconsin Supreme Court candidates political opinions

Wisconsin’s Supreme Court candidates do not list their party affiliation on the ballot. However, with election day on Tuesday April 4th, the Supreme Court candidates are wrapping up their campaigns throughout the state.

Judge Janet Protasiewicz represents a more liberal standing on issues, whereas Judge Daniel Kelly represents a more conservative view. “I’m a fair, independent, experienced judge. I want to get away from the extremism on our Supreme Court.” Protasiewicz said. “Bring back change, bring back common sense, bring back independents to our Supreme Court. Get away from those predetermined outcomes. That is why people should vote for me. I have the experience. I’m fair and I’m independent.”

If Judge Protasiewicz won the election, the Wisconsin Supreme Court would have a liberal majority. There hasn’t been a liberal majority on the court for Wisconsin since 2008. However, Daniel Kelly who did serve on the Supreme Court from 2016-2020 would ensure a conservative majority on the court. “What we have before us is a very stark contrast and a very stark choice.” said Kelly. “Will we continue to have the rule of law, or will we instead have the rule of Janet? She’s made it abundantly clear that she intends to place herself above the law, she’s even gone so far as to suggest to put her thumb on the scales of justice, to make sure that cases are resolved.”

One of the main concerns Wisconsin residents have this election season is whether the state abortion ban will remain. During the 2023 Supreme Court Candidate debate, Protasiewicz said, the 1849 abortion ban would remain if Kelly wins the election. “If my opponent is elected, I can tell you with 100% certainty that 1849 abortion ban will stay. That I can tell you.” said Protasiewicz. However, Kelly refuted the claim. “That that’s absolutely not true. Once again. You don’t know what I’m thinking about that abortion ban. You have no idea.” said Kelly.

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