Go Pack Go Act helps Wisconsin residents watch televised Packer games

A few years ago, Senator Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin introduced the Go Pack Go Act. This legislation would help provide more broadcast access to residents in communities near state borders.

There are currently 13 counties in Wisconsin that are unable to watch games with the Green Bay Packers.

Over 415,000 residents in Wisconsin live near the Twin Cities area and the Duluth region in Minnesota. This includes the Wisconsin residents living near the state border into Michigan.

The 13 counties affected are Douglas, Bayfield, Ashland, Iron, and Sawyer Counties in the Duluth-Superior media market. Then in the Twin Cities Media market there is Burnett, Washburn, Polk, Barron, St. Croix, Dunn, and Pierce Counties. Finally, Florence County in the Marquette, Michigan media market.

In these media markets, residents are able to watch, out of state programming, except they can watch Vikings and Lions programming respectively.

“This legislation would resolve that, and we want to make again not just NFL football games, but also the the ability to hear other news going on in Wisconsin.” Sen. Baldwin said.

The Go Pack Go Act will require all cable, satellite, and other video providers access to Packers’ programming to Wisconsin residents.

However, every Wisconsin resident would have the choice to receive in-state broadcasts for every major network.

Although if the Wisconsin resident want, they will have access to Wisconsin-based news, information, and sports, including Packers games.