Wisconsin Republicans comment on Presidential visit

The Republican Party of Wisconsin held a virtual meeting Thursday morning ahead of President Biden’s visit to Superior to highlight the federal grant for the Blatnik Bridge replacement project.

Republican Rep. Tom Tiffany said that the improvements to the bridge are important, but added that he believed the Biden administration’s policies have lead to inflation.

“We are going to have to spend well over $1 billion for a project that really doesn’t need to cost that much,” said Tiffany. “They’re clearly flailing at this point and just desperate to find good news that they can deliver to the American people.”

Republican Senator Ron Johnson also addressed inflation concerns, but also spoke to his concerns concerning the border.

“We’re negotiating with these, what I would consider, sham negotiations–negotiating with the arsonists to put out the fire,” said Johnson. “We’re negotiating with the administration that wants an open border that caused this problem.”