Wisconsin DNR warns of early fire season

Fire season starts early in Wisconsin

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The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources reports that they are already seeing an influx of wildfires this year.

They are attributing this to lack of snow cover and accumulated rain statewide.

This previous weekend, the DNR responded to 15 wildfires burning nearly 30 acres.

“We are definitely at historic lows in moisture for northwest Wisconsin and I know most of Minnesota is feeling the same thing historically,” explained Wildland Urban Interface Specialist Ben Garrett with the Wisconsin DNR. “I would venture to say, and feel pretty safe about saying it, we’re going to see an extended fire season into the summer this year simply because those drought conditions.”

Garrett said that the majority of the fires the DNR has responded to has been the result of people burning debris.

He recommends that people don’t burn when its windy and check the most up to date burning conditions for their area.