Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources proposed Wolf Management Plan

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The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources held a listening session for the proposed, Wolf Management Plan, today. The public, no matter where they stood on the subject, was able to voice their thoughts and opinions on the plan.

“Ensuring the wolf population remains healthy and sustainable into the future, while also recognizing and managing the diverse public preferences surrounding wolves in the state. This means providing a well-regulated wolf harvest season consistent with state law and also promoting other positive interactions with wolves through wildlife viewing and tracking opportunities,” says Randy Johnson, DNR’s Large Carnivore Specialist.

Public opinion on the management plan was split.

“I urge the Department to go one step further by creating zones on a temporary basis where there would be restriction on wolf quotas in those areas where new outbreaks beyond great outbreaks occur beyond the current range,” says Amy Miller, a participant.

 “This is just an extension of the public comments or large national animal rights organizations script their members to comment through the comfort of their couches about situations they aren’t involved in. Ironically, these organizations don’t really care about wolves. What they do care about is the millions of dollars they generate for themselves from kindhearted individuals that have been duped into believing wolves are endangered and at risk,” said Mike Brust, a participant.

To find out more about the DNR Wolf Management Plan, click here: https://dnr.wisconsin.gov/topic/wildlifehabitat/wolfmanagementplan