What do new hunters need before they begin their first hunt?

What do new hunters need before they begin their first hunt?

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It’s the beginning of the Minnesota Deer Hunting weekend opener, and many folks are already out in their stands. Although it never hurts to know the basics preparing for a hunting trip. But what exactly should new hunters need for their first outing?

What new hunters need for a safe and gun hunting trip, here are several few tips from the trail. First, always bring a solid pair of boots. Second, wear warm clothes that are not made of cotton, remember the phrase “Cotton kills”, because it’s a poor material when it gets wet. Also it never hurts to have a pair of binoculars, and last but not least make sure to bring bullets.

Matt King, the owner of Fisherman’s Corner, said in his experience with hunting over the years, its become a much safer sport for newcomers.

“Used to be the gun that was given to every kid to start out was the 3030-lever action. They weren’t very safe back then, because you had to let the hammer down and there was a lot of deer stands, I think with holes in the floor. Now they have safety measures so even if the hammer slips out of your hand, it’s not going to fire the round off. Much safer than it used to be.”

Plenty of experienced hunters in the Northland out in the wilderness ready for bag and tag a deer. However, what sort of rifle is needed for someone new to hunting?

“I’d say a bolt action is generally what we kind of push people towards if they’re trying to get into it,” King said. “You can get into one of those for fairly reasonable price.”

King also said if you plan on staying out for weekend make sure to have plenty of supplies packed. Some of the necessary essentials should include food, water, a first aid kit, or even a compass.

“I always bring two hand warmers just if you do get stuck out somewhere and you get wet. You can at least hold on to something, even if you don’t have gloves that are keep your hands warm. So always prepare for that unexpected adventure is when I always say.”

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