West Superior street renovation update

West Superior street reconstruction meeting

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Superior street through downtown Duluth has been renovated, now it’s West Superior street’s turn.

The last of four public meetings was held Thursday night on the West Superior street redevelopment plan.

The open house allowed folks to review the selected layout for the area between Carlton and West Michigan streets and to provide input on the streetscape elements as the project moves into final design.

James Gittemeier is the senior transportation planner for the city of Duluth. He said the way humans move about these days and interact with their surroundings has changed over the last several decades and that transportation plans need to adapt to those changes.

“It means things like, trees will be planted that will grow along other vegetation, the different amenities for pedestrians, and the ability for properties, businesses to have sidewalk cafes out of that is really exciting. Those things to me I’m really, really excited about those things.”

This large-scale project even has it’s own website. You can find all the details westsuperiorstreet.com. Final project design and engineering will occur through 2024, with construction scheduled to take place from 2025 to 2028.