Weather Whiplash for the South Shore

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Last week weather was in the 80’s in the South Shore, giving plenty of people hopes towards the end of this snowy season. However, the South Shore has experienced a 180 this week with snow being pelted everywhere. We visited Poplar, Wisconsin to get some insight from the locals on how they are handling the sudden change.

“80 degrees, then next week a blizzard! God, I love Poplar Wisconsin. It is so pretty,” says Jeanne Abrahamzon of this sudden change in weather.

“My favorite part is it gives everybody something to talk about and the worst part is just having to deal with it, and driving through it,” continues Abrahamzon.

So what is the general consensus of the people in regards to this up and down weather?

“I’ve had enough. We all have headed for Florida next week,” finishes Abrahamzon.

Best of luck to all and may warm weather be on both shore hopefully soon.