The State of the Union and the Republican Response

President Joe Biden delivers his third State of the Union address on Thursday. Due to the MSHSL Boys’ State Hockey Tournament, WDIO will be moving the State of the Union address to WDIO2 Me-TV. You can also watch it streaming on ABC Live.

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President Biden is expected to expand on his plan to raise corporate taxes. He would use the proceeds to trim budget deficits and cut taxes for the middle class.

The Democratic president in this election year is refining the economic agenda that he’s been pushing since the 2020 presidential race, trying to show that he is addressing voters’ concerns about the cost of living.

In a preview of Biden’s remarks, aides said the president would contrast his proposals with Republican plans to extend former President Donald Trump’s expiring tax breaks and further slash corporate tax rates.

The president will deliver his remarks starting at 8 p.m. followed by the Republican Response.