Viking cruises in Duluth help create it to be a Turnaround city

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Viking announced this summer Duluth would be known as a Turnaround city. Passengers would have the opportunity to go out and explore more of the Northland during the excursions.

The Viking cruises in Duluth and the Great Lakes, will give tourists the opportunity to explore port cities throughout the Great Lakes. Sue Hammarlund said this would be her first Viking cruise. “We’ve done other a lot of other cruises. But, you know, this is different, and I like it because it’s inside the country.” Hammarlund said. “I want to explore and see. You can go hiking in the nature trails, especially the big cities are nice, but you know, as you get older, you like the country more. It’s calm, basically. And it’s just it’s a different place. We’ve never been here. We’ve been all over Southern United States, western and Eastern, but never really northern.”

However, some people arriving early for the Great Lakes Viking Cruise ship had some trouble with transportation. Specifically, the lack of taxi cab and ride share services in Duluth, which made it challenging for some people reaching their hotels.

Sonia Fields, one of the Great Lakes excursion crew talked more about how it can be a pretty long wait time. “The only issue that we’ve been kind of running into is when guests haven’t pre-booked a shuttle with our black tie affairs group, the Uber and Taxi Service is a lackluster. It’s kind of hard to get a hold of them, especially midday.” Fields said.

The Great Lakes excursion crew is trying to find transportation for guests not staying at the Holiday Inn or Sheraton hotel. For more information about the Great Lakes excursion you can look here. For other stories with the Viking cruises in Duluth you can look here.