Victory Chorus celebration of song at Unitarian Universalist Church

Victory Chorus celebration of song at Unitarian Universalist Church

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There are so many struggles someone faces experiencing dementia. It can be a troubling time for them and for their family and friends. However, the Victory Chorus, an inclusive choir brings people experiencing dementia and their caregivers together through singing.

The Victory Chorus held their celebration of song at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Duluth, bringing the community together. Cindy Spelling one of the volunteers said no experience is needed to join the Victory Chorus.

“We’re celebrating who we are, we’re celebrating being able to be together,” Spelling said. “We’re celebrating voice and expression because with dementia, a person slowly loses ability for self-expression in the in the common ways they develop other ways of self-expression.”

Beth Kaiser, the music director of Victory Chorus, says there are two groups. A choir that rehearses on Wednesday afternoons at the Benedictine Living Community. And then the community chorus that rehearses Sunday afternoons at the Unitarian Universalist Church. But folks are welcome to join either of those groups.

“We welcome anybody who is identifying the fact that as we’re aging, our brains are also aging,” Kaiser said. “Music we know does remarkable things for the brain. Every part of the brain lights up when we’re singing in a choir.”

The Victory Chorus will be having their spring session on February 12th, but they also welcome donations to further their goals of inclusivity and singing.

“Everybody has a voice,” Kaiser said. “I also believe very strongly that everybody is also a born musician by virtue of the fact that we have a heartbeat. That heartbeat is our inner rhythm, it’s our inner music.”

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