Veteran’s monument at Rice Lake Memorial Park

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There was a vision of a retired Command Sergeant Major, John S. Werner, who served for over 41 years in the United States army. That vision was to have a local space for veterans and their families to visit and reflect on the sacrifices made by all veterans and their families. That vision is soon happening. A monument is currently under construction and will be a focal point of Rice Lake Memorial Park. The statue will be based off of an iconic picture of a 173rd airborne brigade soldier kneeling with a 120-pound pack with rifle in Afghanistan.

“That soldier kneeling with all that weight on him symbolizes the weight that we carry as service members. And that is probably the most powerful thing about this whole picture. This bronze sculpture that Tim is creating, Tim’s rendition is powerful. I mean, I look at it and all those thoughts run through my mind instantaneously,” says John W. Marshall, Department Commander.

This monument is looking to be finished by Veterans Day this year. In addition to the monument, there will be benches, meticulous landscaping and granite stones of the wars the U.S. has been involved with from the Civil War to Afghanistan.

To get this project off the ground and running, all donations, large or small, are currently being accepted.

If you are interested in donating, contact John Marshall at: 2183482929
Here is a copy of the Proof Approval Form, given by John Marshall, for the building of this monument.

SO51837 – Duluth Honor Guard Rice Lake Posters PROOF.pdf(Review) – Adobe cloud storage