Veterans in Itasca County teaming up to stop soldier suicides

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Retired airman Dave Hardy is still reeling from the loss of his son, David Charles Hardy, to suicide last April.

He had Statt Wraps in Grand Rapids help him literally wrap his truck with memories to honor the young man, and promote awareness about getting help.

“My son was physically a beast. And within his head, he had a beast he couldn’t shake. I want my truck to be a driving billboard for others to know there is help out there,”

Then, another veteran walked in the door, and asked for a special wrap for his canoe.

Frank Lachinski is paddling the 2,350 miles from the start to the end of the Mississippi River. And his mission is to stop soldier suicides.

“The reason I’m involved, is that I know first-hand what war can do to one’s mind,” he shared.

So Statt Wraps offered to introduce the two men.

Now they are working together on this Mississippi River Ride 2023, to raise awareness and funds for veterans in crisis.

Hardy will follow along in his truck.

They are bringing the canoe and truck on the road to visit veterans groups, to generate some funds for the trip.

Statt Wraps is pleased to have helped make the connection, and these friendships.

“It was an honor, really, we are so honored they came to us for this project,” shared Steph Olson, co-owner of Statt Wraps.

Matt Henkel, the other co-owner, said, “Now that it’s out there, we are doing everything we can to help them raise money for the trip and help them succeed.”

The plan is to leave June 3rd.

Remember you can all 9-8-8 for help if you are feeling like you can’t go on.

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