Young students study bees at University of Wisconsin Superior

Honey Bee Biology and Scientific Beekeeping is one of the courses students at University of Wisconsin Superior can take. The class is who learn about the honey making process, as well as learning the importance of honey bees.

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Students from Superior Elementary watched the college students enrolled in the course make honey. The student from the University of Wisconsin produced over 100 pounds in 2022.

Professor Edward Burkett, who has taught the class for several years explained how the pandemic affected his class.

“During COVID, we had to shut the apiary down. So this is a low year for us because we’re just reestablishing the Apiary.” Burkett said. In the year before the pandemic the students produced 380 pounds of honey.

Many students in Burkett’s class tend to prefer learning about honey bees compared to the standard biology and chemistry classes. Holden Suo, a student at UWS said he dropped out of chemistry to take Burkett’s class.

“But what we’re doing here is actually helping the whole community of Superior our bees go three miles around the university pollinating. So it’s just a big benefit for the whole community.” Suo said.

Professor Burkett also said, bee keeping is not as dangerous as people might think. Professor Burkett has a couple recommendations for people wanting to start bee keeping as a hobby.

First, people should take four to six years as an apprentice for bee keeping. Second, it is crucial to be aware of pesticides and taking care of the hive, especially when it comes to colony collapse disorder.