USW: Negotiations on new labor contracts have begun

The USW began negotiations on new labor contracts this week with two steel companies, U.S. Steel and Cleveland-Cliffs.

According to the bargaining update about U.S. Steel, the bargaining committee arrived with the main goal of reaching a fair contract. There are subcommittees to address specific areas, including: Benefits, Safety, Contract Language, Office & Technical, Training, and Contracting Out.

That update also said that their members who work under the current contract with U.S. Steel will receive the union-negotiated Inflation Recognition Payment.

The bargaining update from the committee working with Cleveland-Cliffs said that they too have established subcommittees.

CEO Lourenco Goncalves shared with the committee on Tuesday that he hopes to continue investing in the facilities with a focus on long-term sustainability. The union also said unlike other previous employers, Cliffs has approached these negotiations with the understanding that the plants run best when management and the union work together to solve problems.

The main contract with Cliffs’ steelmaking facilities expires September 1st. The contract that covers most of the mines, including HibTac, UTAC, and Tilden, expires October 1st.

The contract with U.S. Steel expires September 1st.