Upper Midwest politicians speak on the object shot down over Lake Huron

After the Duluth-based 148th Fighter Wing shot down the “unidentified object” over Lake Huron, politicians are showing their praise of their airmen for carrying out their mission.

Minnesota Congressman Pete Stauber released a statement about the mission, which started of by criticizing President Biden. In the statement he says, ““The Chinese Communist Party and our foes around the globe are clearly emboldened as President Biden has projected weakness on multiple fronts. The American people deserve clear answers from President Biden about the surveillance balloons and how the United States will continue responding to these severe threats to our national security.

Stauber then goes on to say, “We need a strong response now to deter future threats and provocation. I am also very proud of Duluth’s own 148th Fighter Wing, who took part in taking down the object flying over Lake Huron. The Bulldogs continue to have a significant role in securing America’s air space.”

News of the 148th’s involvement came Sunday night after Governor Walz broke the news in a tweet.

Sunday, Michigan District 7 Rep. Elissa Slotkin spoke on the mission expressing the need to extract the object from where it was shot down. Saying, “Like many of these objects that we’ve been looking at coming across US and Canada, we need to understand what it is by exploiting it. It’s on thing to see it moving, it’s another thing to shoot it down to try to collect the damaged pieces and try to understand what was this for… you know we have to do that exploitation.”

Also Sunday, Wisconsin Senator had spoke on the mission saying, “Maximum transparency on what they learn about these objects is essential. We need to preemptively take the necessary steps to keep our nation safe.”