Unplowed roads leave school buses stuck and students at home

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Unplowed roads in Harbor Highlands, and Lincoln Park led to school buses getting stuck bringing kids to school. The roads in Harbor Highlands were still full of snow well into the late morning. Parents in Harbor Highlands were informed to call the schools for their child’s excused absence. However, Duluth Public Schools ISD709 still had classes in session for other students.

Superintendent John Magas of Duluth Public Schools ISD709 talked about this unique circumstance. He said there needs to be a balance of keeping students safe at home, but also still offering school as much as possible. “We feel badly about some of the busses that did have problems today. In general I think that there was an overall sentiment from parents, too, that they were glad that we had school today.” Magas said.

Regarding the unplowed roads, Magas apologized to the parents of the kids unable to come to school. “We also know it’s impactful for parents. When we do cancel, people have to miss work. Sometimes students have to stay home without an adult present. And that can be a safety concern to.” Magas said.

The city of Duluth Chief Administrator Officer Noah Schuchman issued a statement about the unplowed roads. “Starting at 2:00am today crews have continued to work in accordance with the city’s snow and ice policy. We continue to work with isd709 to make sure buses are able to access all neighborhoods.”

While other schools were having a late start or canceling school, Superintendent Magas said having in-person classes is extremely important. “There are challenges again with just massive amounts of snow. This being probably the most in history for this time of year. And so we’re appreciative of all of our plow drivers and everybody else who’s working to clear those routes for our kids to.” Magas said furthermore, the unplowed roads need to be clear of snow, to ensure the safety of students. “I’d also like to say thanks to our bus drivers. Our bus drivers have been working really, really hard to drive safely through these storms. And I know that the safety of our students is paramount and their first concern. So really thanks to them.” Magas said.

For more information on how the unplowed roads are prioritized can look here https://duluthmn.gov/snow/street-priority-maps/.

For another story about reporting unplowed roads you can look here https://www.wdio.com/archive/web-app-allows-duluthians-to-report-non-emergency-problems/.