United Way of Carlton and Pine County Area and partners launch program to help homeless youth

New program to help youth in Carlton County

A look at how the United Way is supporting young people without a stable home life.

The United Way of Carlton and Pine County Area is proud to announce they have a new groundbreaking program aimed at empowering homeless youth. It’s in partnership with Carlton County Human Services.

A new but effective way is adding a Host Home program in the Carlton County area.

This program matches youth with volunteer hosts who open their homes and provide a safe and stable environment.

Plus there’s a new resource center, complete with shower, kitchen, and closet area. Kids will also get a go-bag to take with them.

“We are trying to cover all the bases, and even get a computer station in here for kids who need to do some online work,” shared Josh Hagen, a Family and Community Liaison with Carlton County.

At least 5% of students in Carlton County are considered homeless.

“There are a lot of kids who are couch surfing and staying with friends or family members. It’s not really considered homeless, but they’re not getting the support they would in a traditional setting,” Sarah Buhs said. She’s the Executive Director of the United Way of Carlton and Pine County Area.

Laura Nilsen, a career counselor with JET, is happy to help this program. “I love the ‘aha’ moments, and its’ really fulfilling work with these students.”

For more information: https://www.unitedwaycarltoncounty.org