UMD hockey family mourning the loss of former player Adam Johnson

UMD Hockey Family Mourning Loss of Adam Johnson

UMD Bulldogs Hockey Coach Scott Sandelin weighs in on the heavy loss of former player Adam Johnson.

A tough time for the hockey community, including the UMD Bulldogs.

They are dealing with the sudden and tragic loss of former player Adam Johnson.

Johnson died on Saturday after taking a skate to the neck in a game in England.

“We are going to get through this together,” Head Coach Scott Sandelin told the media on Monday.

He shared more about the young man he was proud to coach.

“He was just a special kid. You know, it meant a lot to me to it was another Hibbing kid that we got in our program. His dad played here. That’s important to us. He had a great sense of humor. a little witty. Just a special, special player. One of the best players to come out of Hibbing,” Sandelin added.

As for the safety aspect of what happened, Sandelin said the incident is scary. “We are all hockey players, you know? You are going to think about that when you play the game.”

He is supportive of neck protection. “I do think it’s something that needs to be looked at. There’s been some close calls, and ones we probably haven’t even heard of.”

UMD is working on a way to honor Johnson at the upcoming home game.