UMD Bulldog Rocketry team’s full-scale motor test for their rocket

UMD Bulldog Rocketry team’s full-scale motor test for their rocket

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The UMD Bulldog Rocketry team tested the motor and engine for their rocket for the intercollegiate rocket engineering competition (IREC).

Andrew Ludwig the chief engineer of bulldog rocketry said this year’s model is superior in comparison to last year’s rocket.

“We have added an element of our fuel called a finish fill. It’s a cylinder of fins into our fuel mixture and that should hopefully help us get more initial thrust off the rail,” Ludwig said. “Along with that, we’ve improved our nozzle design just to help make sure everything stays in place. Since we had some problems with that last year.”

After a successful test fire for their rocket, the UMD Bulldog Rocketry team is excited to finish the rest of the rocket.

“So the next step, is making sure all of the upper half of the rocket is built,” Ludwig said. “We have some body tubes and parachutes as well as a nose cone that we need to all put together and make sure it fits nice.”

Gwen Lau, the CEO of the UMD Bulldog Rocketry team said they are already planning for the IREC later this year.

“So we go down to New Mexico in June at the intercollegiate rocket engineering competition,” Lau said. “That’s where we compete against about 120 other teams from around the world. It takes a lot of effort to get this rocket off the ground.”

Lau said the bulldog rocketry team is more than happy to have more students join to help finish the rocket, and enjoy the teamwork that comes with the project.

“We are building it and designing it for the entire school year. If you ever want to get involved, you can jump in and help wherever. We will be super glad to have your help because this cannot be a one man job, that’s for sure.”

Ludwig also said the team greatly appreciates the support from the community. The team also always welcomes donations and sponsors.

“Everyone teases ‘it’s not rocket science,’ and it is rocket science here. We have a role for people with any level,” Ludwig said.

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