Twin Ports Interchange: Hwy 53 to I-35 construction remains on hold

Twin Ports Interchange Project delays

Some parts of TPI remain on hold.

On Monday October 30, The Minnesota department of Transportation confirmed that construction of the connecting bridge between Highway 53 to Interstate 35 is indefinitely on hold. This is following the discovery of human remains along the construction site earlier this year.

The unanticipated discovery of what MNDOT calls “culturally sensitive material” is grinding construction work to a halt not just on HYW 53 but also on Blantnik Bridge. The Minnesota Indian Affairs Council had cordoned off the site since February, we reached out to them on when their work is expected to conclude but we have not heard back as of the time this article was published.

Speaking during a virtual press meeting, the project manager, Pete Marthaler say this has made them refocus their work to other parts of the project including the opening of 21st avenue west.

“we are accelerating our work on I-35 to result in less impacts in 2024. We will continue our construction in the Lincoln Park neighborhood. In 2024, we’re going to open lower Michigan around August. I-535 and U.S. Highway 53 will continue to be detoured. We’re going to push really hard to open Piedmont Avenue down to 21st Avenue, West by November of 2024.”

Painting has been suspended until spring and detours remain the same for now. In other to manage winter traffic better, next week two traffic lanes will be open on both sides of I-35.