Trees of Hope and MNATC: Casey’s story

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All it took was one time… Casey Sargent overdosed when he used Fentanyl for the first time, luckily he didn’t lose his life.

“I was dead for 8 minutes. I woke up to the ambulance, the paramedics, and the police”, says Casey.

Casey had gone through Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge in 2018. He then self-admitted himself to their six month restoration after the overdose. Having an introspective conversation with his daughter.

He says, “I was talking to her and she said her friend passed away and I asked her how and she took a pill and didn’t wake up. And that really hit my heart because my daughter is 15 and it’s just a wakeup call. Like for your daughter to tell her dad that her friend died from taking the same stuff that you consumed. It’s just a big reality check.”

And while in the program he’s discovered a new hobby, singing. Casey says the discovery was amazing. Saying there has been major support of his talent.

“You’ve always had these things in your head that you thought you could do. And coming here gives you that freedom to kind of explore. And it was a hidden gift and I guess it just takes two feet to jump into what you really want to do in life.” Casey believes the program saves lives and is grateful for the connections he’s made along the way.

“You get a bunch of guys together on a bus, whether it’s 20 minutes or 2 hours, you create bonds. And I think that’s one of the most important things that we all can relate to. It’s you need bonds in your life.”

Here is the link to donate to Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge: Donation Link