Trees of Hope: Addiction recovery is possible

Trees of Hope: Recovering from Addiction

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In week three of WDIO’s Trees of Hope campaign we are highlighting Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge and their addiction recovery programs.

Zach Combs is six months into his 13-month residential recovery program. His health is getting better by the day. Zach’s life had spiraled out of control and like most in addiction recovery, he was on a dark path leading most likely to a terrible outcome.

“My mom was a drug addict, my dad was no in my life due to mental health issues,” Zach said sadly. “I have siblings who struggle with addiction. So this thing has been all over my family. And coming here, what Teen Challenge really meant to me is just a new start and perspective on life that I had no idea or clue about prior to coming here.”

Zach says coming to Teen Challenge not only changed his life, it saved his life.

“It’s completely changed my life! Coming out of fentanyl addiction I was just on my knees in despair. I almost died several times. And now it’s like I have completely a new perspective and outlook on life that I just had no idea was even there for me,” Zach said with a smile.

When Zach completes his residential recovery at Teen Challenge he plans to attend a ministry program in New Orleans that helps young adults.

In addition to the 13-month residential recovery program, Teen Challenge also offers a short-term, 90-day residential program for men and a community outpatient program for men and women age 18 and older. Click here for more information and to donate.