Touchstone Honoree: UDAC is expanding experiences and opportunities through empowerment

Touchstone Honoree: Udac is expanding experiences

A look at how Udac is making the community more inclusive.

UDAC has taken some of the problems of the pandemic, and turned them into opportunities for empowerment.

Their personal growth model for folks is helping them choose what they want to do, whether it’s work or volunteer or fun activities.

“It’s about empowerment and choices. And looking at the barriers and stereotypes that might exist for individuals and helps dismantle them in the community,” explained Karen Herman, the executive director at UDAC.

A grant from the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation helped them make this transformation after the center was closed due to COVID restrictions.

People are getting raises, learning how to manage their own transportation needs, and becoming more independent.

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The Touchstone Celebration is coming up on Thursday, November 9th, at 6:30pm.