Touchstone Honoree: Conflict Resolution Center Duluth focuses on value in our voices

Touchstone Honoree: Conflict Resolution Center Duluth

A look at how the Conflict Resolution Center Duluth is helping break down barriers and build bridges.

The Conflict Resolution Center Duluth helps people build bridges and dismantle barriers.

They do so through healing and community circles, mediation services, and training.

Jes-wa Harris is the Youth and Restorative Services Coordinator. He explained that he believes it’s important to normalize conflict. And having young people understand the underlying reasons.

“Just coming together, just having a place where they can understand and learn and feel supported. We really believe that giving a person the opportunity to have their voice heard is very powerful,” he said.

A grant from the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation helped them reach even more people.

They’ve worked with the Arrowhead Juvenile Center, Family Rise Together, and the homeless.

And they also focus on mediation services.

“We are hoping to bring volunteer mediators back into the courts,” Erica Backstrom added. She’s the program director in Duluth. “When people in general are going into a courthouse, it can be pretty scary.”

They are holding circles in November, that you may be interested in attending.

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You can watch the full Touchstone Celebration on Thursday, November 9th at 6:30pm.