There’s a new housing option in Superior; it is called the Acadia

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Around the Northland, when you look for housing options, your search may result in very few. In Superior, a new apartment complex is providing some local options.

“We’re doing the grand opening of our newest apartment building; this is the Acadia. It is 120 units, with a mix of studios, one and two bedrooms,” said P&R Properties Chief Operating Officer Dante Tomassoni.

It took 18 months for the Acadia to be completed, and P&R Properties allowed new residents to start signing leases in May. The apartment complex is almost filled with only 20 units left.

Tomassoni shared how these new units can help with finding available housing. “It opens housing for other options, and so you get this kind of double effect with the kind of properties that we create here at PR. Not, only do we create actual units, but we create availability for the single-family market as well. On top of that, older apartment buildings in the community start becoming more affordable because now they are higher in rentals or rentals with more income are moving out of those units and into these buildings.”

Resident Cat Litersky signed her lease in April and discussed her decision on making Acadia her permanent home beside having been born and raised in Superior. “It’s away from the crowd. Central Flats is in a good area in some ways because of the business area. I just wanted to get away from that, and that’s actually why I came here.”

The search to find housing and affordable housing at that is challenging. The developers, say, they know that and say they are trying to meet the needs by constructing several different complexes.

“The trick we’re in right now is we’re in tough economic times where interest rates are really high, so all developers borrow to build buildings, and with really, really high-interest rates makes it difficult to create a super affordable product. What we do is we work with the city of Superior, we work with the tools they have in their toolbox, and we use that as a way to keep rents down and make buildings as affordable as possible,” Tomassoni mentioned.

With all the amenities a new development like this brings, there is one main thing that P&R Properties hopes all their residents feel – no matter where they are in the building.

“We really pride ourselves on creating a sense of community. So it feels like home, whether you’re in your apartment building or whether you’re stepping out, walking down the hallway, we want this to feel like home. That’s what we hope the city does for people right now.”