There are new apps for your smartphone that can help save lives

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When CPR is needed, it can mean all hands on deck. In St. Louis County, a new local partnership is in place that will assist those who want to help save lives.

“Every minute that goes by without CPR, typically you lose about a 10% chance of survival. So it is critically important to get CPR started right away,” says Pulse Point’s Vice President of Community Engagement Kraig Erickson.

This new partnership is with a company called Pulse Point and Arrowhead EMS Association. This is the first time this program is coming to the northeastern Minnesota region.

Erickson also mentioned that, “We are integrated with the 9-1-1 software. Our interface takes it from there. So, what we do is we will identify from the dispatchers’ information that there is a cardiac arrest in progress. From there, we will trigger alerts to any app user within about a quarter mile or so of the victim’s location.”

This new initiative is already up and working, and can be downloaded on your smartphone through Apple and Samsung devices; the application is called Pulse Point. “It is going to give our citizens the ability to get notifications when a CPR is in progress and lend assistance,” Brandon Silgjord, Supervising Deputy with the St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office mentioned.

This new automated external defibrillator (AED) location application will be beneficial in locating these machines throughout St. Louis County.

Pulse Point’s employee Christine described more about what the app can do. “The Pulse Point AED app is a simple-to-use app that enables you to help create a public aed registry by entering aeds defibrillators you come across in your community. You can help these devices get used by dispatchers and emergency responders. These aeds will also be visible on the Pulse Point aed app in case you are near a cardiac arrest incident.”

Chief Shawn Krizaj of the Duluth Fire Department stated that even with the use of an ade, it is always important to call for help. “We really want to stress still call 9-1-1 and get more advanced care to come. But, that early CPR is vital to possibly just a more positive outcome.”

This new resource will help win getting medical responders to a medical location as soon as they can. There have been some shortages in the medical industry, just like other industries.

“We have another tool to get someone there quicker, and again, I’ll highlight the geography of Saint Louis County and our massive size and response times. But, with the lack of staff, sometimes in all industries, getting this is a big benefit to get that notice out quicker and get someone there faster.”