The Wildcat Sanctuary celebrates 25 years rescuing cats

In Otter News: Wildcat Sanctuary celebrates 25 years

Checking in on the wild cats at The Wildcat Sanctuary in Sandstone.

The Wildcat Sanctuary is celebrating their 25th anniversary. Right now they’re providing 140 plus wildcats with a safe new home on their property in Sandstone, Minnesota.

The sanctuary is a non-profit rescue funded solely by private donations. It was started by Tammy Theis and with the help of her team they’ve been able to rescue wildcats across the country.

“Here at the Wildcat Sanctuary they’re all rescues and they’re coming from private owner situations, they are coming from closed down roadside zoos, a variety of situations,” says Communication Specialist Judson Tharin, “here at the Wildcat Sanctuary, sometimes for the first times in their lives, they get to experience peace, they get to experience compassion, and a life that’s for them.”

There is no public access to the sanctuary, but to celebrate their 25th year the team came up with the idea to do livestreams of the cats so people can check in on the animals they support.

You can watch them from 10:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday at

Every day is a busy day for the volunteers caring for the wildcats. Whether it’s feeding the cats, cleaning up after the cats, or providing veterinarian care, there’s a lot of personalization that goes into the care there.

“Every single cat is their own individual here at the Wildcat Sanctuary and that’s one of the special things about us,” says Judson.

The wildcats at the sanctuary cannot be released back into the wild. So it’s a big priority to bring that sense of wild peace to these animals at the sanctuary.

Judson says, “Though they can’t be wild and free, we want them to live wild at heart. [That’s] what we say at the Wildcat Sanctuary.”