The University of Wisconsin System President Jay Rothman visits UW-Superior

U-Wisconsin President brings exciting news to UWS

The president of the U-W system was in Superior to share the innovation of the system’s new “OpportUWnity Tour”.

Monday was an exciting time for the University of Wisconsin Superior as the president of the U-W system was in town to share the innovation of the system’s new “OpportUWnity Tour”.

“It is so important to be out in the field and see what’s going on at each of our universities because quite frankly, it’s inspiring to be able to walk out on a campus and meet students and understand what their experiences are and understand how the university is changing their lives for the better,” said Jay Rothman, President of University of Wisconsin System.

UWS was the tour’s first stop, as Rothman will be visiting the remaining 12 public universities. “I think what makes us unique is our true dedication to the student experience. It really is about creating a place where students feel welcome. It’s a place where students can thrive and a place where students really can be. Our new tagline, we’re talking about where they are future-ready,” UWS Chancellor Renée Wachter shared.

It’s an exciting tour with changes coming to each of the universities. For UWS, students can expect a whirlwind of changes in the coming years with the launch of the new Center for Research and Evaluation as Social Inquiry Department Professor Daniella Mansbach explained.

“We’re interested in providing research services such as data collection. We’re interested in providing assessment and evaluation and also process facilitation. So the idea is that we can be involved in all steps of the research collective, the data collection, as well as distribution and implementation for these organizations around here.”

The center will provide professional fee-for-service research to organizations in the Twin Ports region. This is just one new project that the university has to offer to the school like microcredentials, and digital badges; with more to come which includes an inaugural e-sports season.

“We are thrilled to be launching Varsity and Club E-sport as part of our extramural offering for students. We know that these are extremely popular across our university campuses, so for students who are avid PC gamers, this is an opportunity to compete as a team, both at the club and varsity level against other colleges and universities,” Chancellor Wachter mentioned.

Chancellor Wachter added that the university is also launching what they call their “Superior Plan.” “A public-private partnership designed to transform our campus and the community. This project is poised to meet the needs of our campus area youth and the broader Superior community. With the addition of an indoor field complex and the expansion of Westman Arena to include additional sheets of ice.”

Chancellor Wachter shared with WDIO on Monday about the strong sense of community UWS has, not just with each other but with Superior residents included, and these changes are something the rest of the community will benefit from, as well.