Creativity Counts! The Name a Snowplow contest is back!

The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) is celebrating its fourth “Name a Snowplow” contest and is asking for the public’s help to name eight more snowplows.

Last year’s imaginative winners include:

  • Yer a Blizzard, Harry
  • Blizzo
  • Clearopathtra
  • Better Call Salt
  • Han Snowlo
  • Blader Tot Hotdish
  • Scoop! There it is
  • Sleetwood Mac

Northeast Minnesota’s (District 1) winner was the creative Clearopathra. Last year, more than 10,400 submissions were entered into the contest and over 64,000 voters helped make the final decisions.

MnDOT encourages people to submit their most creative snowplow name ideas on the agency’s website. Submissions will be accepted through Friday, Dec. 15, at noon.

Anyone who wants to submit a name needs to follow a few rules:

  • Each person may only submit one name.
  • Submissions are limited to no more than 30 characters (including letters and spaces).
  • Nothing vulgar. Any submissions that include profanity or other inappropriate language will not be considered.
  • Politically inspired names (including phrases, slogans or plays on politicians’ names) will not be considered. Naming snowplows is meant to be fun and lighthearted, so they are going to keep this contest nonpartisan and nonpolitical.
  • Past winners will also will not be considered. You can find a full list of past winners on our Name a Snowplow website.

After the submission period is over, MnDOT will select some of the best ideas, and invite everyone back to vote for their favorites in January 2024. The eight names that get the most votes will be the winners.

For more information and updates on this year’s contest as well as winter weather alerts, safety messages, construction updates and more, follow @MnDOT on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.