The Mountain Iron-Buhl Rangers State 9-Man Championship Ring Ceremony

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The Mountain Iron-Buhl Rangers became 2022 Minnesota State 9-Man Champions last year, this was historic as they are state champions for the first time in school history.  Today, Sunday March 5th was their championship ring ceremony.

“State championship for the first time in school history. I mean, that gives me chills just talking about it. Well, we accomplished the one thing that we said we wanted to do, and not a lot of people can say that confidently, we accomplished the dream.  It feels unreal. It always will. It also gives me a lot of confidence that when you put in the work, you will get results and that that applies in football and in life as well,” says quarterback Asher Zubich.

A tough game that did not start out perfectly, the Rangers found their footing and took home the championship. The win was a flooding of emotions for the players.

“I went up to another player and we kind of just like fell to the ground crying with each other,” recalls Nikolas Jesch, wide receiver.

Undoubtedly the team will remember this moment and each other for a lifetime.

“You know, it’s a small town and everyone knows each other. We’ve been like glue since we were young. We’re all put in the same classroom. And, I don’t know, we just built the bond and we still have. And I know it’s going to last for a lifetime,” finishes Zubich.