Taxpayers get details of SLC budget plan

St. Louis County public meeting on budget and tax levy

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Did you get a St. Louis county property tax estimate in the mail recently?

The county board explained the proposed $450-million dollar operating budget and tax levy for 2024 at a second of two meetings. This one was held at the county courthouse in Duluth and it was live-streamed for people to watch virtually.

Presenters sharing that most home owners will see a decrease in the county portion of their taxes.

“So as we look at the question that we often get, again, this is about the levy portion of the overall budget. If I have a $150,000 home in Hibbing this year, what would that home be taxed at next year If it was still worth 150,000? It would be less, based on the growth of the tax base and the budgeting decisions made by this board. And for a home that’s a higher value, say $250,000, it’s the same trend line. That $250,000 home next year would be taxed approximately $210 less than this year. Of course, everybody’s values change and that impacts how much you participate in the levy.”

Presenters explaining that is because the county tax base grew by 11-percent. Also helping expand the tax base is $237-million dollars in new construction, which is a level of construction not seen in St. Louis county in more than 15-years.

The St. Louis county board is scheduled to vote on the final levy and budget at its December 19th meeting.