Superior YMCA Whalers team meet Two Team USA Swimmers

Superior YMCA Whalers team meet Two Team USA Swimmers

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The Superior YMCA Whalers swim team had a once in a life-time opportunity to meet Two Team USA Swimmers. The Whalers met with Elizabeth Beisel and Shaine Casas. Beisel is a 3-time Olympian and Casas is a World Champion swimmer.

Stefan Pagnucci, the Head Coach of the Superior Whalers, said the swim clinic they host have kids from all over the Northland.

“We have just a big group of people in three different sessions going on today. All the kids who are coming today have been competitively in this pool before,” Pagnucci said. “So just to be able to share the same water with kids, and these fantastic Team USA representatives is just it’s just an awesome experience for the kids.”

Pagnucci also said for kids competitive swimming with the YMCA right now, next weekend is sectionals.

“So that’s your chance to move on to state from there. High school swimmers, they’re working toward their sectional and maybe state competition,” Pagnucci said. “Right now is that point in the season where this is just going to reinvigorate that excitement. Or remind them why they’re excited about doing this, why they wanted to do this maybe long term.

Of course not only are kids competing for swimming, some kids are wanting to become stronger swimmers.

“Obviously, we live around a lot of water. So from a safety standpoint, you want to know how to swim,” Pangucci said. “You want to be able to be safely around water. But it’s a lifelong sport.”

Pangucci said the Whalers are headed to Brainered to go to Sectionals. Members of the team are hoping to qualify for State, which is at the University of Minnesota on February 18th.

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