Superior seeks “Lights, camera, action”

Drawing film makers to Superior

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Movie-making may be coming to Superior.

A bill that aims to make Wisconsin a competitive place to create movies and tv shows is gaining momentum in the state legislature and Superior hopes to benefit from it.

The Duluth side of the Twin Ports has benefitted from Hollywood projects for years, thanks in part to financial incentives provided by the state. Now Wisconsin and Superior are trying to get some of that action.

JoAnn Jardine is the owner of Studio One Photography. Jardine has done work with movie production companies in Duluth and is excited to show off all Superior has to offer to film makers looking for unique shooting locations.

“We have industry, we have pretty shorelines. Superior has a lot of shoreline from Lake Superior, and it could double as an ocean. It could even be a tropical place if you try hard,” she said with a smile.

Jardine says the Superior area has alot of options for backgrounds all quite close together. “We have a lot of industry, which is great, unique industry that no other city has in the world. And we have a workforce, people that are excited to work on movies and excited to be trained to work on movies.”

The proposed legislation has bipartisan support. It would establish a state film office and create tax incentives for movie and tv show productions. The bill also includes minimum spending requirments to make sure that revenue stays in the state.

“I just think it makes total economic sense,” Jadine said. “And it’s good for tourism, it’s good for the economy. I don’t know how it couldn’t get full supportive of everybody. So I’m really hoping it goes through.”

Wisconsin is playing catch-up though. The badger state is one of just five states that doesn’t have a film office already, and one of ten that doesn’t currently offer tax incentives.

Jardine and others hope this new legislation will change that.