Superior Board of Education votes to close Lake Superior Elementary

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The Superior Board of Education voted to consolidate the district’s elementary schools from six to five. Lake Superior Elementary will close after the 2023-24 academic year.

The board held a special meeting on Monday, April 17, 2023 at 5:00 pm. The meeting took place at the Superior Middle School Cafeteria. The main item on the agenda is whether the school district should consolidate one of their six elementary schools. Lake Superior Elementary and Four Corners Elementary were the two schools chosen, although only one of the two schools would be consolidated.

Over the past couple of months, a consolidation advisory committee has reviewed data to decide if school consolidation is necessary. However, many parents in the Superior school district had concerns regarding transportation, and quality of education.

Superior’s school district is preparing for budget shortfalls due to lack of federal funds. According to a 2022 study the school district has been underutilizing their elementary schools, at a 71% capacity. The district thinks consolidation could help this issue. Cooper Elementary is currently at 60% student capacity, whereas Great Lakes Elementary is at full capacity. Faculty think consolidating elementary schools would be the best financial option. However, by the end of the meeting, the Board of Education voted on consolidating Lake Superior Elementary school.

During the meeting several parents and teachers explained their reasons as to why all six schools should remain opened. One of the parents whose children attend Four Corners Elementary talked about her feelings of the school closing. It is heartbreaking that any school was closed today, because myself as a parent, I don’t feel that that decision improves the quality of the education my children will receive.” Rose said. “It is a heartbreaking thing when any school in our community closes, especially you being a rural school and a community school.”

Superior School Superintendent Amy Starzecki also talked more about the Board of Education’s thoughts. “With our high inflation and our lack of additional revenue to address that inflation has put us in that position. Those families and those the staff have a very valid point when it comes to small schools and small classrooms. I think quality of education and relationships are the number one thing that we hear from our families.” Starzecki said.

Superintendent Starzecki also talked about the other concerns parents have regarding the consolidation of Lake Superior Elementary school. “I think there’s also a worry that that we would see changes in transportation. And so our committee really looked at would there be significant transportation adjustments that would have to be made. We will need to be making a reduction in staff and programs in the 2425 school year.” However, the consolidation of Lake Superior Elementary school will not occur until the Fall of 2024. For more information on the consolidation you can look here. For more stories happening in Superior you can read more here.