Superior School District launches new Boundary Survey

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Gearing up for the 2023-2024 school year in Superior will come with some decisions for the School District.

The Board of Education, Administration, and Cooperative Strategies has launched a new Boundary Survey focusing on redrawing the elementary schools’ boundaries. Community residents, families, and students are encouraged to fill out a survey to help guide the boundaries that will be drawn in mid-November.

“We want to be strong partners with our families in our community. Their children are attending our schools, and it’s important before we start that process that we really look at what are the values and the important factors that we think about before we even start the process. So those can be really the guiding principles as we start to reconsider the boundaries,” said Superintendent Amy Starzecki.

Throughout the past several years, the school district has lost students and hasn’t seen those numbers recovered. There’s also a lack of funding from the state level to name a few concerns as Starzecki shared.
“The state budget has really impacted our overall budget when it comes to how we continue to move forward with our day-to-day operations. So, being able to be as efficient as possible, this is one of the strategies to do that.”

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This survey will help the school district move forward in a more resourceful and efficient way. There is no doubt that the redrawing will impact families and all the schools, but the district is focused on doing all it can to create more balance and equity across the board.

“The redrawing of our elementary boundaries will impact all of our elementary schools because we need to create more balance across all of our schools. We have one school that will be closing but all of our schools will be impacted by this move. We’ll be working throughout the winter in the spring to really talk through transition and supporting kids and families as they will be planning for new schools in 2024-2025. We’ll be doing some significant planning and communication around that.”

The School District decided to consolidate from six to five elementary schools on April 17, 2023, by closing Lake Superior Elementary by the end of June 2024.

The survey is open until September 8th, and the finding of the survey will be presented at the school board meeting on September 11th. The information will help to guide through the options that are developed. If you would like to learn more about information regarding the process of the survey, click here.