Superior Middle school helps Mentor North by serving up pancakes

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The eighth grade community service club at Superior Middle School put together a fundraiser for Mentor North. The fundraiser was a breakfast on Sunday, February 26th from 8-10am at the Applebee’s in Superior. Amanda Lindquist, 8th grade teacher at SMS, told the importance of keeping kids in mentorship alive and well.

“So their job today was to plate the food and bring the food out to the customers. They were the hostesses. They are in charge of dish duty and cleaning, and bussing tables and all that. I think we pre-sold about 175 tickets to the event. And then people could also show up at the door and buy. It’s really an important program because it gets the youth connected to that adult and they get to go and do these experiences. For instance you might get help with homework, they might get help with how to do things like maybe even sign up for college,” says Lindquist.

The total raised at the event was: $1679. There was also an anonymous donor that sent $500 electrically on top of the amount raised to help the Mentor North program.

“This helps them realize that they can help others make a difference and that they have the power,” finishes Lindquist.

If you would like to donate toward Mentor North, check out their website. The fundraiser is working towards getting more kids into the Mentor North program and covering their costs. Click, here: Donate to Mentor North (