Superior Mayor Jim Paine announces re-election

Superior’s Mayor says he’d like to stay in office, announcing a bid for re-election.

Speaking at his campaign kick-off event at Bucktales, Paine gave a lot of credit to the people of Superior.

“You are the reason that after 50 years of decline, this city is rising again. And I know you can see it every I know you can see it and I know you can feel it.”

Paine was initially elected in 2017 to finish two years of Mayor Bruce Hagen’s fifth term in office after Hagen retired mid-term. Thursday night focused on what Paine is proud of throughout his term thus far.

“We’ve improved infrastructure in every single neighborhood,” Paine said. “$2.5 million in sidewalks in neighborhoods that haven’t seen a new sidewalk built in generations.”

Taxes were a big point, as well.

“We have lowered taxes and fees in the City of Superior. We’ve actually made it more affordable to live here.”

Paine is the first candidate to announce plans to run for office in 2023. The election will be held April 4 with a primary to be held Feb. 21. In addition to the mayor, even-numbered council districts will be on the ballot.