Superior High School will have ‘Away for the Day’ cellphone policy

Superior High School will have an ‘Away for the Day’ cellphone policy at the start of the 2023-2024 school year. Students will not be able to use their mobile devices in school, which includes cellphones, tablets, smartwatches and other electronics.

Superior High School’s principal, Aaron Fezzey, said that the no cellphone rule is not to punish students. “Cell phones can become a barrier to the learning in the classroom.” Fezzey said. “We’re really looking to try to create a positive climate. I think we worked a lot with our students and empowering them to make decisions and be a part of discussions and run days about bringing and coming together.”

Last year, the Superior School district implemented the ‘Away for the Day’ cellphone policy in the Middle School. The reactions from teachers and students, found the experience to be positive from less distractions and more class engagement.

Eli Benson, a Superior High School Senior, said that many upperclassmen are skeptical of how well the policy will work. “It’ll be a little weird. Like during class. Obviously, it’d be nice, because that’s been a big problem throughout the years,” Benson said. “But like, during lunch time, when you have free time or, communicating with your parents or like just getting a call to answer a text, that’s going to be really hard if, if there’s a no cell phone policy.”

Since the policy’s implementation in the Middle School, incoming freshmen say the policy is more helpful than hindering.

Jette Leopold, a Superior High School Student, said not having a cellphone as a distraction helps her maintain focus, however, other students can be too dependent on their mobile devices.

“They’re always used to having their phones, and they think of it as, like that’s life now,” Leopold said. “Both my parents are teachers and they always have, kept their kids safe and always notify the parents, when it’s respectful.”

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