Superintendent Starzecki talks more about school consolidation

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Superintendent Dr. Amy Starzecki of Superior public school district explained how the consolidation won’t happened until the fall of 2024. Cooper Elementary is currently at 60% student capacity, whereas Great Lakes Elementary is at full capacity for teaching young children.

However, regardless of whether or not the consolidation happens, Dr. Starzecki says the school district will rethink its school boundaries. “Well, today we’re just talking about whether we’re going to have five or six elementary schools and what that’s going to look like in 24, 25. The next step will be next year. We’ll be looking at the boundaries. So the boundary and where students would actually go would happen next school year.” Dr. Starzecki said.

During the Pandemic, Superior’s school district received significant funds, but that will end by the 2024-25 academic year. “That money will no longer be available the 2425 school year. And through our budget forecast and budget projections, we know that will be facing approximately a $4 million deficit.” Dr. Starzecki said.

The School Consolidation Advisory Committee is being formed by parents and teachers, where they will review each elementary school. “Based on those decisions that the board ultimately will decide, the committee will make a recommendation, but our school board make the final decision next fall. We will then do re boundary so that our elementary buildings are more equally distributed.” Dr. Starzecki said.

Parents do have some concerns regarding if the consolidation does happen next year. However, Dr. Starzecki said if the consolidation does happen it will not impact children’s learning. “I think one question parents have is our class size is going to get higher. That’s not the intent of this project or this work. It’s purely to have more efficiency with how we how we have our building structures.” Dr. Starzecki said.

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