Super Bowl LVII opinions from Packer fans and Vikings fans

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With the Super Bowl happening in Glendale Arizona, plenty of Football fans were still watching here in the Northland. Fans from the Vikings and Packers gave their opinions about how their team could make it to the Super Bowl.

Brian Larson, the owner of Billy’s and life-long fan of the Vikings talked about the fans at the bar. “Today, I think a lot of the folks because the Vikings kind of petered out. I think a lot of them are maybe staying home and enjoying some Hors d’oeurve with their friends at home. But the folks that we got here, our good friends. The regular people that hang out and watch with us, so we’re going to have a good time.” Larson said.

However, the Vikings haven’t been to the Super Bowl since the 1970’s. What are Vikings fans saying to help go back? “Hopefully, finding a couple of players that can cover some people, maybe get to the quarterback once in a while. And and but but we’re we’re on the right track. Finding a new defensive coordinator I think was a was a big benefit.” Larson said.

While the Vikings fans have an idea on how they could get their team to the Super Bowl. What about Packers fans? Eric Willoughby, a die-hard packers fan and Superior resident talked about how his beloved team. He also had an idea about how they could Go Pack Go to the Super Bowl. “I think for the Packers to make it in next year, definitely have to work on their defense strong. Honestly, maybe get Aaron out of there.” Willoughby said.

The hope amongst fans of the Vikings and the Packers are still very much alive. But, we’ll just have to wait and see how the teams do next year. For more information about the Super Bowl you can look here For another story about the Super Bowl you can look here