Summer in summary: Average for Duluth

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Overall, summer 2022 was rather average for Duluth. Each month of June, July, and August varied slightly from normal monthly temperatures and precipitation. The climatological normal is for the 30-year period of 1991-2020.

June was a touch warm with a mean average monthly temperature 0.8° above normal. Total precipitation was 0.31″ below normal. July was even closer to average with the mean average monthly temperature 0.2° below normal and precipitation falling short by 0.09″. August was remarkably average. The mean average monthly temperature of 65.5° is the exact same as the monthly normal. Precipitation was short of average by only 0.04″.

The summer wasn’t as close to normal for other parts of the Northland. Hibbing was wet and on the warm side. June in Hibbing was a touch dry with precipitation falling 0.32″ below normal, but this was followed by a July that was 1.70″ above normal and an August that was 1.26″ above normal. Temps were near normal June and July, then August was 1.4° above normal.

International Falls also had a wet summer. The monthly departure from normal for precipitation was +0.53″ for June, +0.76″ for July, and +0.38″ for August. The average monthly mean temperature was precisely the normal for June and 0.6° above normal in July. August was the warm month with a mean temp 2.9° above normal.

Brainerd had a warm and dry summer. The mean monthly temperature departure from normal was +2.2° in June, +1.0° in July, and +1.5° in August. Precipitation fell short by 1.60″ in June and 2.13″ in July. These two dry months were followed by a wetter August that ended up being above normal by 0.61″.

Ashland began the summer very dry. June rain was 3.14″ below normal. July was .35″ above normal, but then another dry month followed. August fell short of normal by 1.69″. Temperatures were warm by 1.2° in June, cold by only 0.5° in July, and warm by 1° in August.

September is off to a warm and dry start across the Northland.