Students at UWS held roundtable discussion with Governor Evers

Students at the University of Wisconsin Superior met with Governor Tony Evers today to talk about issues important to them.

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One of the main concerns students had were of course rising tuition rates at universities and colleges. Especially with providing higher education to low-income families, or students living in rural areas.

Governor Evers directed $25 million in federal pandemic relief funds toward the University of Wisconsin system. This help with continuing the tuition freeze for colleges in the University of Wisconsin system. Governor Evers proposed funding from his recent state budget created the Wisconsin Tuition Promise Program.

The Wisconsin Tuition Promise Program would allow students from low income families to receive a higher education. Specifically the program will provide up to four years of tuition and fees at any UW school for first-year and transfer students from families earning less than $62,000 annually.

“I mean, there are all sorts of opportunities for young people to get directly involved with their lives and kind of controlling discussions around policies.” Evers said.

Another issue Governor Evers has heard traveling to different schools and colleges is mental health assistance and awareness. Evers used federal funding to direct $5 million to the University of Wisconsin system for mental health supports including expanding access to remote services.

Finally, Governor Evers talked about how legalizing and taxing marijuana can help with expanding access to medical treatment, and have more resources to invest in K-12 education for Wisconsin residents.

Nearly 70% of Wisconsin residents support legalizing marijuana, and Governor Evers proposed fully legalizing it in the most recent budget. He announced he will propose it again in his 2023-2025 budget.

For more information about Governor Evers helping mental health efforts you can read it here